Fight For Fitness:  SPEAK UP ALBERTA!

The fitness industry has suffered too long. If there is one thing we have learned (from many) over the last year is how important our health is. Now we need to make our voices be heard to our government.

Help support the fitness industry by following these easy steps below.




Once you have found your MLA’s email address click or copy to start your email.


In the CC box copy and paste the following emails:

(Rachel Notley, Leader of the Opposition)

(Jason Kenney, Premier and leader of the UCP)

(general UCP inbox)



Make any changes you wish, and be sure to sign off with your full name and address so they know you are a constituent. Delete the highlighted reminder lines at the bottom of the template letter.


I am writing to express my concern and displeasure over the current lack of access to fitness services in Alberta due to the most recent health restrictions.

Research has indicated that fitness activities are of fundamental importance to physical, emotional and psychological health, especially during times of significant stress.  Restricting fitness services when those services can be offered in a controlled environment, in compliance with social distancing protocol, in large, well ventilated spaces or outdoors, seems contraindicated at a time when both clients and the industry are struggling to cope with the impact of the pandemic.

Despite a clear lack of evidence fitness services are culprits in the spread of COVID 19, they have been targeted for closure when malls and shops are crowded with people. Fitness services comply with strict health and safety processes that are impossible to achieve in public settings, yet they must close while shopping malls and non-essential stores are full of customers.  Voters are questioning these decisions.

I feel it is the act of a responsible government, in consideration of the physical and mental health of constituents, to allow fitness services that can be offered in a controlled environment, in compliance with social distancing protocol, outdoors or in large, well ventilated spaces, to reopen as soon as possible.  I expect our current government to do the right thing for small business and the health of Albertans moving forward.  And I will remember and consider the actions of this government when the next provincial election occurs.

Thank you,

Include your full name and address

Send to your MLA and cc to Jason Kenney and Rachel Notley (DELETE THESE TWO LINES)

Copy and paste above


The likeliness of them reading each email is low, but if they can see volume in the emails coming through this is important. Through social media and our community we can stand strong together in the right ways to make our voices be heard.

Thank you for the support and please reach out if extra assistance is needed.