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The Kodokan Jiu-jitsu Club in Calgary, Alberta transforms you into the best version of yourself through martial arts training. Whether you are seeking self-defense training through BJJ or combative MMA, you’ll become a better person on and off the mat. We’re helping students achieve their dreams and creating good citizens in the process. Our inviting atmosphere is fit for both families and master level students. Join The Kodokan Jiu-jitsu Club to enhance your life.

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About Us:

The Kodokan Jiu-Jitsu Club helps students achieve various goals including learning self-defense, improving confidence, and becoming a competitor. Our students achieve success by being purposeful and intentional during martial arts classes.

Our black belt instructors are passionate about martial arts and keeping students motivated to improve. Whether it’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or mixed martial arts, you’ll learn the techniques needed to grow. By honoring tradition and embracing contemporary, we evolve as individuals and martial artists.

Our History:

The Kodokan Jiu-Jitsu Club opened in 2014 as a sanctuary to better the community through Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Early in his life owner Randy Chung found inspiration in pop culture like Dragon Ball Z and the iconic Bruce Lee. He also grew up watching UFC and first became involved in traditional martial arts at 9 years old.

After many years of training, he dove into the world of combat sports and BJJ at 24 years old. Now, he lives out his passion for martial arts every day with The Kodokan Jiu-Jitsu Club. In 2017, the school relocated and upgraded the facility to accommodate growth of the academy. Randy still has big goals of continuously helping his students improve and further expanding his MMA program.

Why It's Important

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The Kodokan Jiu-Jitsu Club welcomes any individual to join our BJJ family. We are united by our passion for growth and support.

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Our instructors emphasize the importance of consistency and holding yourself accountable.

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We overcome adversity. We improve through failures on and off the mat.

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Regardless of their goals, the Kodokan Jiu-jitsu Club team will always push our students to be better because we care.

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Our encouraging environment keeps students committed and passionate about martial arts and their own individual improvement. 

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Are you looking for self-defense training, Jiu-jitsu, or even combative MMA classes? The Kodokan Jiu-jitsu Club is your place for top-quality martial arts instruction in Calgary. Join us near Greenview Industrial, Master Meats, and Cycle Works today.

The Kodokan Jiu-jitsu Club

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