“Instructors are very encouraging and team members are highly supportive. Highly recommended!”
– Dianna Wong

“Amazing instructors, a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Everyone here is great to roll with – both if you love competing or just want to learn and have fun.”
– Melinda Hertig

“Immense boost in confidence and self esteem in my children. Excellent care and attention to all students. Coaches go above and beyond for everyone. Highly recommended.”
– Kenneth Lin

“Great place to learn kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu with great people! Excellent student to instructor ratio and hands on learning, highly recommend for any martial arts enthusiast.”
– Shayne Cai

“I really like them. My kids are learning Jiu-Jitsu and it’s the first martial arts place that I’ve seen where children are totally engaged while learning self defense.”
– Esther Chow

“I recently moved here from out of town and was welcomed to the team right off the bat. It definitely has that friendly ‘small gym vibe’ in addition to high level training.”
– Aaron Kwong

“Everyone is humble, willing to learn, and welcomes you with open arms, as for the technical side of things; everything is very well explained and if you don’t understand something everyone here will get you to a point that you do. Absolutely love it!”
– Jordan Sheng

“This is an amazing club with both fantastic teachers and teammates – if your looking to try something new, learn great skills (including bigger picture life skills), meet great folks, get a killer workout, and support a rad family Business, I highly recommend trying out a class.”
– Jonny Barrett

“The coaches at the Kodokan are high level BJJ practitioners and instructors but they make everyone feel welcome regardless of ability. There is a real family feel to the place and I can honestly say that many of the people here have become my closest friends. There is room for everybody, recreational and competitive athlete alike. I’ve never felt intimidated or unwelcome.”
– Allan Gallant

“Great group of people, very welcoming environment, awesome instructors, what more could you ask for? Walton , Randy and Logan are very knowledgeable and respectful individuals. I would highly recommend anyone with or without experience to come train at the Kodokan.”
– Nel Marcelouis

“If you want to learn an effective martial art (Striking, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu) or just want to get into better shape, this is the place to train. Both head instructors have extensive competition experience and are champions in their own discipline. More importantly, these guys have a great attitude and fosters a welcoming atmosphere. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.”
– Jerome Lansang

“My love for BJJ stays alive thanks to the Chung Bros! The teaching is excellent, very detailed and well explained. Classes are well planned and systematic, closest thing to syllabus I’ve experienced! The gym has a very welcoming atmosphere and everyone is so helpful and encouraging. I also enjoy the different types of classes available throughout the week.”
– Minh Huynh

“The coaches are excellent as practitioners of the martial arts themselves and as teachers of others. They are attentive, inspiring and clearly passionate about the martial arts and teaching what they know to their students. The gym is welcoming and serves the full range of interests, from students who simply want to have a casual hobby to those who want to compete.”
– Neil Buchanan

“Instructors are knowledgeable and able to modify and cue to help students with varied body types and abilities. Not a one size fits all approach. I’ve been going here for about 6 months and haven’t run into anyone who is unreasonably aggressive or unhinged. That being said, there are some very high-level players here that will help identify holes in your game. Great group of people.”
– Chris Anderson

“After trying out BJJ at other gyms, I found my gym, and it’s my second home now. Kodokan members are very friendly, happy to help everyone improving their techniques. Kodokan coaches are great with their students. They pay attention to each student on their progress. I never feel judged in any way while training at this gym. I’d recommend everyone to come and try out their trial classes. You’ll know what I mean.”
– Thuy Nguyen

“I’ve trained with Randy for physical fitness and some combative training. I find him to be an excellent coach. He assessed my level of fitness and slowly progressed me, increasing with each visit my strength and cardio. At the beginning of my program I was 219.0 lbs and 36.0% body fat. 14 weeks later, I can happily say that I am down to 210.0 lbs and 30.0% body fat; I feel stronger and better after each workout. In addition to the weight loss, I have advanced degenerative disks that affected my sciatica nerve on one leg and this has even diminished almost completely! SUPER!!! Thank you Randy, you are awesome!”
– Greg Clearwater


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